Get good at Trailer Load-IN

No need to beg them in, pull them in, beat them in when all you have to do is spend some time to teach them IN!

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Do you struggle with trailer loading?
Does you horse load sometimes and sometimes not?
Maybe its time to teach them how to self-load.


What's inside the course?

✅ 18 x part video series + 8 BONUS videos & mini eBook

✅ Welcome & introduction
✅ Course introduction (day 1)
✅ The partition & the jockey door
✅ Foals & young horses
✅ Squeezes & introducing the buttons
✅ Some don’ts
✅ Halters & safety
✅ The buttons
✅ Introducing the trailer
✅ Controlling the nose, feet & thoughts
✅ Right eye confidence & nose control
✅ Confidence building and keeping control
✅ Opening a can of worms
✅ The discussion (When a horse has a timeline)
✅ Skills refresher (The process)
✅ Flirt with the trailer (day 2)
✅ The importance of repetitions
✅ Introducing the butt bar & advancing skills
✅ Horse over-loads (literally) & course wrap up
✅ Jockey door open or closed during training
✅ Closing the butt bar
✅ Releasing the butt bar to unload
✅ Closing the ramp
✅ How I tie in a 1.5 horse trailer
✅ Unloading from a font ramp
✅ Haynet & breast and butt bar height
✅ Wearing travel boots & bandages
✅ Double trailer weight distribution

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TODAY €129,-

It’s a beautiful process and one we do not have to get angry or frustrated about if we simply learn how to understand and work with the nature of the horse rather than against it.

The past 32 years I have experimented with different ways of teaching a horse to trailer load. Some worked, some less so.
The biggest issue I came across was the type of trailer used to explain the process and soon discovered the end part like for example how and when to do up the butt bar was missing.

This was mostly because many of the great educators I learned from used slant load trailers and not the tiny claustrophobic ones us Europeans are exposed too.
The end part was different and I had no clue how to train the butt bar part,
If you think about it, the horse must learn to enter, relax and wait in a very narrow space and not anticipate getting out.

Most of the time how to get out is backwards of the ramp and is where the horse can easily use their power to push back. Eventually because they know they can do that, will keep doing it and it becomes a learned behaviour.

So, what I teach you is how to create good, learned behaviours and patterns that makes sense to the horse and keep everyone safe.
I also teach you how to prepare for that scary butt bar and what stage you can start to close it.

I call this program Trailer Load-IN because I want you to learn how to finish the process, so they are mentally and physically IN!

''It really is NOT about the trailer, it is about teaching them to go stand somewhere and relax.

Leaving it until it is too late, is too late; only you as a horse owner are responsible for that.

Time will pass anyway, why not use it to explain to your horse some beneficial things and where logic says, it is worth it.'' ♥

Zoë Coade

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