Get good with horses

Get good with horses

Get good at

Learn how to ride bridle-less using my step-by-step process in a fun and stress free way.
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Is it your dream to ride bridleless?

Ever wonder how on earth do you do that?
Or maybe you have tried but struggle with some things….

What's inside the course?

✅ 20 x part video series + mini eBook
✅ Introduction and do’s & don’ts
✅ Different types of Neckropes
✅ What is good Neckrope riding
✅ Under-educated horses
✅ Educating the horse
✅ Safety & success
✅ Backing-up groundwork training
✅ Turning groundwork training
✅ Stopping & energy groundwork training
✅ Converting ropes into reins (the colt start knot)
✅ For fun
✅ How to hold the reins during riding
✅ Backing-up supported with one stick
✅ Backing-up supported with two sticks
✅ Turning supported with one stick
✅ Turning & transitions with one or two sticks
✅ When to take the bridle off
✅ Not kicking horses to go
✅ Beginning sideways
✅ Your practice
Value €600,-
TODAY €97,-
In this fun and educational course I teach you step-by-step how to be safe and have a lot of enjoyment along the way.
Did you know that a safe horse is actually a supple horse and one that listens to you and your aids at a moment’s notice and not 10 seconds later when it can actually be too late!
I share with you the secrets how to stay safe riding bridleless by using a neck-rope and guide you to what time you can take away those reins and let the magic happen.
There are many exercises you can use from the ground-up to make sure your horse understands so that you know without a doubt you can stop should you get in trouble.
You will learn how to ride from your seat in combination with your energy of which if we are honest, is something we should all develop to the best of our abilities anyway and whether we ride with reins or not.
You can do this, we all can, all we need is the knowledge and then we can get good at it ♥
”It makes me happy that you now have the tools to reach your dreams.

There is no better feeling then when your horse gives you such trust” ♥

Zoë Coade

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