”My teaching comes from the heart;

My only hope is to touch and inspire horse owners of all experiences, disciplines and backgrounds to continue and learn how to better themselves in order to be the best they can be for their equine friends.”

About Zoë

Married name – Zoë van Kruiningen-Coade
Pen name – Zoë Coade
Born London, United Kingdom (1975)

Founder & owner Horse Professional, Instructor, Trainer and Coach since 2007

Award winning Author & Poet in 2018 and Lyricist & Film Maker in 2020

Former 3-star Parelli Professional from 2010 to 2019

Horse & Human Instructor from 2019 to current

Writer & columnist for Horsemanship Journal & Bit & Cap magazine

Poet and Writer

Not educated in writing I do my best to share messages and stories and have written articles for over 15 different magazines.

In 2018 my biographical compilation of events that took place with Mia (see below)  titled ‘The horse that broke two legs & survived’ won ‘Best International book’ and my equestrian poem titled ‘Equal Us’ won ‘Best International Poem’.

In 2020 one of my poems was converted to a song titled ‘The Heartless Equestrian’ and won ‘Best International Music Video’.
Alongside Kheelen (see below)  and my dog Coady we starred in a special movie titled ‘Sunset Galloping Shadows’ which won ‘Best International Mini Art Movie’. made by Hans Guldemond.

“The horses are already so very loyal;
I believe it is our obligation to simply be loyal in return”

About Kheelen

Butterscotch Dun Connemara Gelding born in 2010.

He is my business card and sidekick and partner
of all things wonderful.
He travels with me all over Europe
and is educated in many disciplines including
Liberty, Freedom Riding, Academic Art of Riding up to Piaffe in-hand and under the saddle, Parelli Natural Horsemanship level 5, Stockmanship, Archery, La Garrocha, Working Equitation
and much more.

Often mistaken for a Spanish breed due to his unusual height and stature; he melts the hearts of many on first meeting and has me in a spell of love every moment I am with him.

About Benny

Smokey Cream/Cremello Mini-Shetland born 2013.

Also known as Mr. Cool or Mr. Floof he is
a welcome addition to our family.
The giggle making machine is certainly a character and will challenge not just your horsemanship skills but also your heart.

He has started his education at Liberty and a little Academic work, who knows, this little floofster just might learn it all, but we are not in a hurry and we are just happy to offer him a nice home.

About Mia

Dark Brown Irish Sports Horse Mare
R.I.P. 16 April 2000 - 20 August 2020

My muse, my love, she left this physical earth much
sooner than we ever wanted.

Never forgotten she was also the inspiration of my award winning book:
‘The horse that broke two legs & survived’!

It feels only right to keep her mentioned here.
She was my Parelli Levels training horse and from around 2015 due to health  complications she was retired from actual work.
She also learned the same education as Kheelen and had been with me since she was 7 months old.

I miss her indescribably and am so thankful we met.

Felix Gerlach

Zoë is a really very talented author, trainer and a real horsewomen who puts her heart and soul into it.
In her books she takes us on a wonderful journey and shows us many things from the horses' point of view.
She also shows us how important the bond to the partner horse is and how this bond can be achieved without pressure.
Her focus is always on the fact that both the human and the horse are always doing well.
It's all about building a real friendship with your horse and I recommend everyone to read her books and if the opportunity arises to train with her.

Sabine Schaafsma

In the book ‘For horse lovers: a pocket book of poems’, Zoë introduces you to the world of horses and takes you along.
Beautiful how she gives horses a voice and gives an insight into how they really are and what they need.
I hope this book makes a contribution and brings about a change in how we should deal with these beautiful animals!

Dieuwertje Rutten

Zoë is always full of respect, love and leadership and she is always eager to learn more for and about horses.
Lucky for us she has the talent and the ambition to share her passion as well in real life as in words!
Zoe's pocket book of poems is no exception. It's a beautiful mix of inspiration, laughter, recognition and confrontation.
For anyone who strives to develop his/her horse(wo)man skills. Zoë brought much more joy into my relationship with horses and I feel
lucky and blessed to have her as my teacher!