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''Hi, my name is Zoë Coade,
British born, my Native American blood runs thick in my veins where often I hear the echo of my late grandmothers voice, who said:
''You have the spirit horse within you, be sure to take care of them''

I have kept my promise to her, the horses and to myself and this platform is a part of that; a go to place where you can find everything you need so you can offer them their best life.

For many years I have travelled the world and educated myself paying top dollar to know what I know today and to continue and share with you.
This included graduating many courses, including a 3-star rank as a Parelli Professional (2010-2019) and a Human & Horse Instructor (2019 to date)''.

If you would like to know more about me,
please CLICK HERE.

Simcha van der Hoff

Zoe is the greatest teacher I can imagine. People like her are very rare✨
I learn so much at the Academy and the way she explains everything is so detailed.
Everytime after a long day of study; I go home feeling like a better different person.

Geeske Looy

It’s always a treat to be taught by Zoe ?
So much informative information told by someone with so much passion and love for horses!
An enrichment for this horse world ?

Fabienne Hagen

Zoë is a great coach, not only for your horse but also for you as a partner for your horse.
She takes in every aspect, physically, biomechanically and mentally.
As a long time dressage rider I can honestly say she enriches my knowledge about the art of riding and horses in general.