Training Academy

I pride my-self teaching each subject in cooperation with the true nature of the horse
by complimenting what they and you already know.

Using my knowledge, intuition, education and experience I am open to both positive
and negative reinforcement type training and identify what suits each human and horse combination.

During the GGWH Academy I can teach you over a period of 1, 2 or 3 years where via assignments
you choose and learn your preferred subjects by completing short, medium and long term goals.

There is no limit to what you can learn but you do have to work for it.

Curious about the content of the Academy?

‘’Often during my own training I was made to feel stupid and inadequate.

Even though I spent a ton of money and months away from home!

It was already hard enough without being made to feel worse for my efforts.

This does not happen in my school.

You will always be encouraged to just give it your best shot

I can also teach you things like:

Learning how to be in a hurry, but not really!

What horses like and dont like!

How to bond so that they run to you, not run from you!

How to be light and not fight so everything feels right!

Instructor Training

The Trainee Instructors go through a 3 year training process of which they can graduate and start teaching in year 2.

A valuable process of which I am very proud of my team.

With continued education they can earn additional titles (Accreditations)
which shows their specialist subjects.

It is possible for experienced students or instructors to start and join in year 2.

A Graduated GGWH Instructor can freely use their given title but are responsible
for their own reputation, liability & insurance.

Complaints and control of things like their ongoing teachermanship are taken very seriously and in accordance to the guide outlined in my Instructor Handbook.

It is possible for a Trainee or Graduated Instructor to lose their title and grading;
meaning they would not be permitted to continue using this brand name and any of its functions anymore.

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the Academy?