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People all over the World are using the GGWH platform.

Here are some happy messages from users whose horsemanship got better using it.

Madelon vd Wouw

GGWH Instructor & Member

''Through the lessons of Zoë I learned not only horse related things, but also life lessons I implement in my daily life.
Even though we are far apart, I feel that there is always someone who's got my back.''

Cécile Thiebaut

GGWH Member

"The Online Academy is eye-opening. The relationship with my pony is so much deeper and we both enjoy learning good things. With the program and our new goals, I’m way more confident with my horse. It’s a learning I’ll be keeping forever."


GGWH Instructor & Member

"Being a GGWH Member gives me not only loads of information on diverse subjects, but also a chance to interact with other students, who all are on the same page about horse training and wanting to become good with horses.."