Get good with horses

Get good with horses
Geeske Looy

GGWH Accreditations:
♥ Basic Natural Horsemanship (Groundwork)
Hi everyone!
My name is Geeske Looy and I currently live in Hillegom, The Netherlands.
with my husband and our St. Bernard dog named Jip!
I fell in love with horses at a very young age and have dedicated my life to them ever since.
I took care of a lot of horses but never got the opportunity to buy one myself until I found my very own heart-horse; Chilaili.

By the time I met her she was a cute little 3 months old baby girl
with a big character already 😉
At the age of 6 months she came home with me!
She’s now a 6 years old grand lady who knows exactly what she wants. Chilaili taught me a lot of life lessons, especially when it
comes to my horsemanship skills.

It was my goal to teach her everything without a bit or other attachments. The end goal was to ride with only a neck-rope. Because of the guidance and the confience my own teacher gave us, Chilaili and I were able to reach this goal last summer! We rode with neck-rope on the beach and it really was the best feeling ever. I think every horse owner
deserves to feel that exact same feeling; it’s magical!

It’s because of her I would love to teach horse-people how to start their young horse and build something great together. Because of the journey I had with Chilaili I know that it’s possible to teach your young horse all the basics without tension and nasty accidents. It’s your preparation as
a horse-owner that sets your horse up to be successful and I can’t wait to help people with that journey!
I would love to focus on horses and their
owners/care-takers who struggle with the basic schooling and help them to reach their goals!
For now my plan is to teach in Noord-Holland/-Zuid-Holland/Utrecht.
But when you need me in other parts of The Netherlands you can always ask me and maybe we can find a solution.

I hope to meet you soon!