Get good with horses

Get good with horses
Franka Ruitenberg
GGWH Accreditations:
♥ Basic Natural Horsemanship
Hi everyone, my name is Franka and I have been around horses ever since i was 7 years old.
I have a 4 year old Irish Cob called Kaz and my aged lease horse and teacher, 27 year old Neron.

I met Kaz when he was under a year old and was immediately in love with him. My best friend bought him as a companion for her older horse and I always said she bought my dream horse. When he was two years old he became too big and energetic for the older horse and she asked me if I wanted him, the answer was yes of course!

Kaz is now four years old and has come a long way. He’s very smart and helped me learn how to become a teacher instead of a parent. This helped me develop my skills in groundwork and I learned how to stand my ground and not get anxious or insecure. He also showed me how to believe in my skills and fully trust a horse again. Thanks to him I now enjoy going out for walks in the dunes again and when he’s old enough hopefully trail riding again too.

Our future goals are to mainly have fun, work towards liberty in groundwork, finishing the colt start and start riding and eventually work towards my dream of neck-rope riding.

Having him also helped me take the leap towards my dream of combining my skills as a social worker and autism coach with those of a teacher in groundwork to help others feel confident and safe around horses. During my lessons I focus on discovering what you and your horse need to become the best team possible. I also love to coach people (those that already work with horses and those who are new to it) and help them find their strength and confidence through doing groundwork with horses.

I mainly teach and coach in Noord-Holland and can teach in both
Dutch and English.