Get good with horses

Get good with horses
Elody Ouedraogo
♥ Advanced Natural Horsemanship (Groundwork)
♥ Trailer Load-IN Specialist
♥ Basic Young Horse Start & Restart
Hi, my name is Elody and I live in Haarlem.
I’ve been in contact with horses since I was born and the first time I sat on them I was just two years old.

At the age of 6 years old I started taking group-lessons at a riding school
and later when I was old enough, I volunteered there for several years and helped take care of the horses.
It was there I learned to ride both disciplines of English Dressage and Western.

At the age of 11 years old I had my first pony to take care of living by the house of his owner. He was two years old and 1 meter and 1cm but had a big personality. He has been one of my best  and favourite teachers to date.

During the years after that I’ve had several private horses to take care of. Their behaviours  were in the range from “acting out” ‘till “numb”.

I understood that I had to adapt to every horse because they all had their own fears, strengths and personalities that required different approaches and I learned to how to become more sensitive to that.

In 2015 I left the riding school and started to get familiar with bitless riding and natural horsemanship.

In 2018, when I got a new and amazing but challenging horse to take care of, I started taking  private lessons with Zoë and a whole new world opened for me.

The change in him was super quick and positive so I was eager to learn more and how to really get into the horse’s world. 

So, when the Academy started in 2020, I signed up for the 3-year course and in 2022 I graduated the Get good with horses Instructor Training.

To date I am awarded the following accreditations:

Natural Horsemanship Advanced (Groundwork) and Trailer Load-IN Specialist.

I love troubleshooting and helping horses that feel or are misunderstood and I am working towards my credit for Young Horse Starting and Re-starting.  

My final hope is that lot of modern equestrians will stand up to make the world a better place for the horses and find better ways to train them as they go.