Get good with horses

Get good with horses

Get good at Bit-less Riding

Join me and learn how to ride bit-less where you can
enjoy all riding activites safely.

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Bitless riding is under-estimated and easier than you might think ♥

Just like in my Neck-rope Riding Course part of what you need to know is a that supple horse is a safe horse.
In this course I teach you exactely how to do that and achieve all the things you want without using a bit.

What's inside the course?

✅ 10 x part video series 

✅ Introduction
✅ What you need to know first
✅ Rope halters
✅ Bitless bridles
✅ Thoughts about bits
✅ Teaching them to back-up (lightly)
✅ Lateral flexion (bending)
✅ The power of the one rein stop
✅ Skills refresher & emergency stop
✅ Emergency stop in practice

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TODAY €81,-

In this course I teach you about different types of halters & bitless bridles, the back-up, lateral bending, the tradition and use of the one rein stop and stopping how to use it in an emergency.

An appropriate tool kit for any rider really whether they use a bit or not!

Remember; you don’t need to be brave to go bitless, but you do need to have skills that keep you and your horse safe!

”Bitless riding is reaching new heights of understanding and acceptance in the Equestrian world.
The flame of recognising different ways to train horses has been lit and I am proud to be at the forefront of this evolution” ♥
Zoë Coade
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